Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Vagina Monologues - Audition

In my attempt to reclaim a sense of adventure in my life, I decided that it was important to step out of my comfort zone.

Enter "The Vagina Monologues".

I was invited to an audition for the annual production at a local college via Facebook. Ordinarily, I would have let the date come and go without a second thought.
"That's the old me talking." I thought to myself, and I got in the car and went to try out.

Of course, I ran late, as the GPS directed me to a building two blocks away, so when I finally did arrive I was out of breath from running and had only minutes to spare.

My husband wished me luck, and off I went. It was not what I expected.

In my mind I was in a dark theater in front of maybe a dozen people, with two people in particular sitting up front, dressed in all black and judging me harshly. I pictured myself stuttering and mumbling as they interrupted me to thank me for coming in and tell me that they would "let me know".

Instead, I walked into a brightly lit office where I was greeted by two very friendly women. We chatted for several minutes, until I felt comfortable enough to begin. It was a cold reading, arguably the most stressful type of audition. Once I got started, however, the words flowed out of me. It was a piece called "Reclaiming Cunt", and it was powerful. I felt my pulse quicken as I spoke, and by the end, I was yelling.

I had nailed it! The part was mine.
I was officially on my way to my first adventure.

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